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    Default Catarafts

    I have been looking around at buying a cataraft that is highly mobile. i.e. compact enough that i can fit it in the back of a Toyota RAV4 and inflate it with out a major hassle. also was wondering what you thought of SeaEagles Fold Cat? is it worth the price? being that a boat is not something you should spend money on and find out it is not what you expected, i have been bit in the A@@ before; with out being able to see the seaeagle in person and making my own determination i have to ask the people that deal in these matters more than myself. i appologize for the long winded Question but based on what i have seen in previous threads that have been answered. you all seem to be more knowledgeable in this matter than me. so any help would be greatly appreciated. if there is any out there that can be purchased for the same price locally and keep the money in state i would definately purchase. thanks to all.

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    Default Shop Shop

    Go Shop. I have never had the pleasure of being in a Seaeagle sorry to say so no input, however if your looking into an investment go with the Best Warranty and then look at Bang for the buck. Buy Local and ask who ever you decide to purchase from if they offer repair on site or do you have to spend money to ship your asset back to the manufacture for repair if needed.

    Not trying ot bash any business but nothing would twist my brain then spending my hard earned cash on something then have to send it out on my dime to have it repair if under warranty.

    Just a thought! Best of luck with your choice.

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    if you are hauling it inside the cab, an AIRE is not for you, as the bladder and tube collect water between them. as for sea eagle....good enough for putzing around on a lake, but not whitewater gear by a long shot. If you get over your cataraft and settle for an inflateable raft you will have buku options.

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    Default Small cat options

    You might have a look at the Fish Cat series by AIRE. Alaska Raft and Kayak carries them. I assume from the question that you're looking for a small cataraft for one person? There are several boats in the Fish Cat series that will work very well for this purpose.

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    I just looked at the FoldCat here:

    They look just like the small cataraft offered at Sam's Club in Anchorage. It's an interesting (non)frame design. It uses the flooring/seating planks as the cross members of the frame, and there are no laterals. It would be fairly compact this way, but it would lack some rigidity for whitewater rafting. Also, the cat is quite narrow, reducing stability. This would be an issue when broached on a rock or the like. It should flip quick, and if it didn't it might get the tubes ripped off the planks.

    It looks to me like an acceptable boat for gentle floats. Class III if you're careful. But i'm just judging based on what it looks like, not from actual experience with one. SeaEagle has a reputation of building cheap poorly designed boats along with some better designed and built craft, but nothing as durable as an Aire, Moravia, Sotar, etc.

    I also think you should consider a standard raft. The frames are smaller than with a cataraft, and they roll up into a smaller overall package. It's either that or put the cat frame on a roof rack.

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    I have an Outcast brand cataraft. I like it, serves the purpose I bought it for. Has a standing platform for the front person to fish from. The rear person has to man the oars. If you but it from a local dealer here in Alaska, they handle the warrenty work if needed. If you buy it from one of the big box stores, you will have to send it back for warrenty work.

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    Default buy local vs. big box store

    OR, you can take it to one of the shops you didn't buy it from and pay them to fix it. Probably still cheaper than shipping (depending on the extent of the repair) and quicker return of your toy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Graybeard View Post
    If you buy it from one of the big box stores, you will have to send it back for warranty work.


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