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Thread: Converting a Break Action .30-06 to .30R Blaser

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    Default Converting a Break Action .30-06 to .30R Blaser

    Could a break action _ (say a Valmet 412S) in .30-06 be converted to use .30R Blaser brass?

    As the .30R Blaser brass is slightly larger/longer than the .30-06 brass, this conversion looks to be dimensionally feasible.

    However, the extractor appears (to my non-gunsmith trained mind) a more difficult issue to resolve.

    I assume that as the .30-06 is a rimless cartridge, the extractors have a sprung detent that engages the case cannelure.

    As the .30R Blaser is a rimmed cartridge the extractor would have to be reworked (or a custom extractor made and fitted).

    And perhaps the extractor could also be converted to an ejector (some Valmet 412S double rifles came with ejectors).

    Do any forum members know of anyone who has undertaken such modifications to a rimless break action gun?

    Might any forum member know of a gunsmith who would be able to undertake such a conversion?

    Many thanks to any forum member who takes the time to respond to this post.


    As I have never used a break action rifle with a rimless cartridge, perhaps my concern regarding the .30-06 is misplaced, but all the comments Iíve read regarding reloading rimless cartridges in break action guns (especially in cold weather while wearing gloves) have been negative. As these comments are from people with MUCH more experience with break action guns than I have, I assume that these individuals know of what they speak, and that I should head their comments and observations.

    Am I worrying about a non-issue, or would quickly reloading a break action .30-06 in cold weather wearing gloves be difficult?

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    I'm not familiar with the Valmet 412S extractor so can't comment on the specifics of the work to modify one, but IMHO all conversions are possible with a skilled gunsmith with sufficient time and $. Whether or not the modification is cost effective is another matter entirely. Also you would likely ruin the resale value of the rifle by such a modification.

    I am a fan of rimmed cartridges in single shots as they are definitely easier to handle with gloved hands, but I'd think twice before modifying a double or combo rifle. Personally I'd consider selling it and getting one in 7X57R.
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    With O/U's the bottom barrel is always harder to load but not enough to worry about except when hunting dangerous game. You should have no problem with the modern gun and the 30-06 with brass most likely falling out if chamber pointed down on opening. At time an ejector break open will jump the case head on a non rimmed shell hence DG DR's shoot rimmed ammo in days of ole.
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    I have 2 k95 blasers. They are exceptional rifles. Why not just get a k95 chambered in 30r blaser?

    good luck on you project. It sounds interesting.


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