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Thread: Snowshoe/XC Ski Trails

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    Hello all,

    This winter I am planning a snowshoeing and/or XC ski trip, but don't know where to look for some less challenging areas to go. I live in Montana and am not "snow-illiterate", but I am not familiar with your mountains. Until I spend significantly more time up there, I would rather stay in less dangerous parts (other than the inherent danger of being in the mountains in Alaska in winter, of course).

    I am open to anywhere as I'll be driving from Fairbanks, anyway. I also have looked into the DNR rental cabins. Anyone know if there are some decently located cabins that require a snowshoe in to access?

    Even some websites that have better detailed "trails" would be helpful, but map and compass only is fine by me.

    I appreciate any help!


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    In the Fairbanks area, the White Mountains are a good area to look into. The trails are fairly well used in the winter, but depending on recent weather (recent to when you go), the trails could be anything from soft fresh powder to rock solid where you could walk with tennis shoes. There are public use cabins along the trails up there. Searching "white mountain cabin" should get you into some information on them.

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    There are trails in and around the Chena Hot Springs resort, but I'd definitely echo the White Mountains recommendation. It's managed by the BLM and the cabins are nice. Photos from the White Mountains 100 here should give you some idea of what it's like:
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