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Thread: Best location for an any bull meat unt

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    Default Best location for an any bull meat unt

    Planning for next season. Looking out of Dillingham but figured I would ask here. I am looking for an any bull area. I hunt for meat, and only meat. I am cool with shooting a 60 incher but only because its a big bodied moose, which is more meat. I am planning a fly out hunt and would like some details on where I should be looking that will offer a high success. I harvest a moose every year, but every year its a spike-fork bull. I'm cool with that as they are tender and tasty, but we eat it all before the next season as we don't buy meats. Just looking for a new area where I have a chance at shooting something bigger and not restricted to 50 inch or larger. I hate to spend the money and not see a harvestable bull. If there are bulls in the area, I will find one, always do but going to a new area is the scary part.

    Open to suggestions on other areas to look at and air charters.
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    Apply for a DM 540 permit. IF you get one great if not then plan for a further excursion.


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