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Thread: cell phone coverage skwentna area

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    Default cell phone coverage skwentna area

    looking to change cell phone carriers, currently have an old acs plan and it works from the cabin " I can see the tower on shell hills from the riverbank by the cabin". I know ATT does not work up there, anyone have one of the other carriers that works up that way?
    I am on the yentna river 20 miles above skwentna. Been told if I switch to the new 4g and drop the old CDMA network they can't guarantee it will work up there. The tower at shell hills is the old style CDMA network? At one time I thought the shell tower was MTA's

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    I also understood that MTA had a cell site at Shell Hills. Call them .

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    We get 4g off the shell tower with Verizon, use to have MTA.

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    Thanks for the info on Verizon, well give them a call.

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    Verizon uses the CDMA system which was the same system ACS was using. I had ACS as well, phone worked great at our cabin in Talkeetna until I switched to GCI, their new stuff is GSM system only. The two are not compatible. Gave GCI back everything and went with Verizon, works just as it did when I had ACS.

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    Actually, MTA sold their cell servie to Verizon, so I was told by MTA. MTA does a fixed cell service for around $20 per month. Call Kathy Fergeson at MTA.

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    Todd nephew had verizon phone at the cabin and was surfing the Internet checking ESPN. Not 4 bars but could call and get internet.

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    Im at the big bend and all carriers get full bars or at least 3 on a bad day, At&t is the strongest where im at, I can stream youtube videos in my treestand... And Mta works great for my friends, verizon too, and gci/acs works decent. Probably helps I can see 3 towers from my cabin at night(blinking lights).


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