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Thread: Belgium in Talkeetna??????

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    Question Belgium in Talkeetna??????


    My name is Toby and come from Belgium.Its my first time fishing Alaska.
    I'm coming on the 3th of September till the 21st.
    I was thinking to start fishing around 'Talkeetna' is that a good idea?
    and is it possible to fish on my on since i travel alone(everybody is welcome to join me ),or is that not recommended?
    The thing is I'm travelling on a low budget an can not afford expensive fishing tours.I will be backpacking and camping and probably have a car(not a 4weel drive).
    any info tips or pointers are very welcome!!!!!
    thanks!!!!!!! the Belgian guy 'Toby'

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    Do you have a paticular species of fish you are after, ie salmon, trout, others? Are you a fly fisherman or a tackle fisherman?

    I'm assuming you're flying into Anchorage to start your trip. I'd say drive down to Seward (one of the most beautiful drives in the world) and fish for Silver Salmon in Seward, then on the way back stop by the Kenai River for trout, then head up North. There are too many lakes to mention and it's a great time of year for trout and grayling.

    4wd isn't really needed on most roads, and you'll be here before winter. I would not drive up to the arctic w/o 4wd as winter will be starting in Sept, and that road is best to be avoided.

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    Default thanks Paul!!!!

    thank you for the tips you gave me.
    I'm more of a tackle man but i have a flying rod with me but still learning the art of fly fishing.
    is it save to fish on your own(bears)?


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