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Thread: Need a 360 DW or 357 max reamer

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    Default Need a 360 DW or 357 max reamer

    Anyone have one they are willing to loan/rent or touch a barrel for me? I'm building my daughter a 357 handi for next years caribou hunt (she'd tiny, not ready for a rifle yet). I picked up some 360 DW brass based on the coal of this thing (1.930 with a 158 gr TC) and although it chambers it's a little tight for the last .050 so I'd like to just barely kiss it until the round drops in and out freely.

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    Reamer Rentals

    But honestly why? 357mag from a 20" barrel acutely isn't that far off the old 30-30, and I'd give the edge to 357 inside 100 yards due to the diameter. Load that H&R with your XTP over 18g LilGun and your going to be about 1900fps from a 20" barrel. Better yet ditch the expanding XTP and go with 180g hard cast over 15g LilGun and never look back.
    ***Theas are max loads per Hodgdon data, as always start low and work your way up to them.***

    Ether way the recoil isn't that far off 30-30 ether so do have a recoil pad for your tiny framed kid and don't sit her at a bench with it where she is leaning into that punishment.
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    I ended up with a reamer from a forum for $16 total... It was a forum owned thing so very member kicks in when they rent.

    The reason I wanted to go longer was to get better velocities with lower pressures and get closer to the lands.

    Agreed on the 180 HC, that was on my list at the palmer gun show today but there were no cast bullet guys there... I wanted 170/180 gc hc lead or some 180 gr 358 speer's but left empty handed... Well, not really, got some speer 158 gdhp, 17 hmr, tristar 20ga, etc lol.


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