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Thread: UMBRELLAS for HUNTING (Not just for sissy-men)

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    Default UMBRELLAS for HUNTING (Not just for sissy-men)

    As part of my self imposed on-going wilderness survival training, some years ago I started stalking animals that I had zero experience stalking, not to kill, but to learn about their eyesight, smell, hearing, etc.. While stalking Harbor Seals on the Turnagain Arm beach, I failed every time to get close while they were sleeping at low tide.

    I even made a portable bush to crawl behind. So that was when I first understood that a camouflage umbrella would be a useful tool not only for camping in the rain, but for hiding and stalking. Just an idea for you'all to consider. delivered (4) four nice camo umbrellas to me today.

    (O.K........I do feel a little'bit like a sissy'man)....

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    Can't speak to its effectiveness at camo, but certainly a more effective tool for keeping dry than a rain coat in many instances.
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    I have a friend that does what you are describing with the ghost blind and claims that it works great. As a kid we used to stalk snow geese with a cardboard cut out shaped like a cow and it worked every once in a while.

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    Real men just say stay and the critter stays.
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