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Thread: Penn Fathom levelwind reels

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    Default Penn Fathom levelwind reels

    I used these reels this past season and they worked great for me. I'm moving to the USVI to fish and no longer need them.

    3 Penn Fathom 25 Levelwind reels. 10/10 mechanical shape 7/10 aesthetic shape (paint rubbed off) I can put fresh 25 lb mono on them.
    $100 a piece

    2 Penn Fathom 20 Levelwind reels. 10/10 mechanical shape 8.5/10 aesthetic shape (rubbed paint) They have good 50 lb Powerpro Depth hunter braided line.
    $120 a piece

    They will be shipped from SC

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    Are those left-hand crank or right-hand crank?


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