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    I've never run the Knik. I've got an 18-ft Jon, 48-in beam with a 60/40 Evinrude. I had a 40 HP yamaha prop on it and I just got the 60/40 jet. I'm wanting to get some runs in before winter!

    To give you my level of experience, I've ran the 20-mile a few times. Both as a passenger and a driver. Ran it last Saturday and had a great time.

    How are the water levels on the Knik right now? How does it compare to the 20-mile in difficulty, depth, obstacles, etc.


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    The water level on Knik is low but with yur size boat you should have know trouble at all runnin around that whole valley. That river is deeper in most places and wider in some than 20 mile. If you go any further above Jim Creek just read the river as it gets real skinny up there. Have fun...
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