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Thread: Lesser Canada on the Upper Cook Inlet

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    Default Lesser Canada on the Upper Cook Inlet

    I am only expecting more geese to show up in the next few weeks and I would like give goose hunting a good try this year. Has anyone hunted geese on the upper cook inlet coastal marshes and tidal flats? I haven't specifically targeted geese while hunting on the tidal flats and am trying to learn more about their patterns. They appear to fly at random times to random locations, but didn't know if someone had them more 'dialed in'. I have noticed more frequent flights during low tide where the geese land along the fringes of the 'grassy meadows' to feed, but that is the only 'pattern' I have noticed. What are everyones thoughts? Do flights generally occur during low tide, changing tides, mornings and evenings? Have you observed them throughout the flats, just along the fringes, or out in the mud?

    Thanks much.

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    My experience in the Coastal Refuge has let me see lots of geese. The more local groups fly in and out of the city. Usually dawn and dusk. However they do like to also hang out on sunny afternoon in the marsh as well. As I see more migrating geese later in the season they are much less attuned to the hunting pressure in the refuge and decoy pretty well. I have hunted them in the refuge and further south of Anchorage in the Portage area. They like the big ponds by the Portage train stop as well as grass and the mud. I know other target them and do well across the inlet from Anchorage but I have never been lucky enough to hook up with a group flying over to hunt. Good luck and go chase geese

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