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Thread: New Dipnetting Section and Salmon Run Charts

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    Default New Dipnetting Section and Salmon Run Charts

    Hi folks,

    Some of you are aware that we launched a brand-new dipnetting section and Alaska salmon run charts on the site this summer. It was a staggered launch, as it took us more time than we expected, gathering last-minute content and getting the salmon run charts to work for us on the mobile and desktop versions of the site. I am writing to give you an opportunity to critique our work, and to offer constructive criticism on what we can do to make it work better for you.

    While we don't normally pay a lot of attention to other sites, this year a popular site, the Alaska Outdoor Journal, went dark permanently on January 1st. Many of you were going there for the salmon run charts, and Gary did a great job keeping those up. They were very labor-intensive, as Gary had direct contact with some of the biologists, and was able to publish data, in some cases, even before ADF&G published it. To feed the need in his absence, we opted instead to receive our data straight from ADF&G, after its accuracy was vetted by the Department. It is our belief that in so doing, we are able to provide the best, most accurate information available on our salmon runs statewide. In setting that section up, we were surprised to discover that the Department tracks runs all over the state. Therefore we believe this data and additional functionality on our site will prove to be a huge enhancement for our members.

    SPECIAL NOTE: Although we anticipate having our sections on the Kasilof and Fish Creek completed this winter, we currently only have the outline pages up at this time. But you will see where we are headed with the outlines. We anticipate at least two pages on the Kasilof; one orienting you to the fishery itself, and a second page on the logistics (similar to the three pages we have on the Kenai River and the Copper River).

    The purpose of this thread is to assess whether or not the information we have provided in our dipnetting section has been helpful, and to determine what else we can do to improve it. We also would like to hear your opinions on the salmon run charts as we are presenting them.

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    Best regards,

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    Michael I'm in chitna now...leaving tomorrow...we can talk about late season dipping


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