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Thread: Lewmar profish servicing vid

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    Default Lewmar profish servicing vid

    I converted my lewmar to a profish this year and it's worked flawlessly tell about a month ago, it didn't want to free fall tell I worked it up and down a few times. So did a little Web search and came across this video, easy to fallow; windless work's like new. I plan on performing this service annually now.

    Side Note: My anchor locker has enough space to accommodate about 600' of line + 40' of chain, and enough head room. I've dumped it all many times with minamal problems.

    If you have a lewmar profish this maintanace procedure is fast and easy to perform, even for the technical challenge.
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    If anyone has an idea how to convert this thing into a windless that just uses a smooth roller to haul the rode and chain in I'll be a happy camper. I did everything correct with the Lewmar Profish but the chain chipped the gypsy and that caused problems with the line, so we started hauling with anchor with a buoy last year and are pleased. I was going to remove the Lewmar but figured there has got to be a way to jerry rig it to the other type of windlass I've seen used so nicely here in the Juneau waters.


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