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Thread: Reflections from time in Moose Camp

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    Default Reflections from time in Moose Camp

    Just returned from nearly two weeks in moose country. We had a blast and our party bagged two nice bulls and a small caribou. My 9 year old son shot a nice bull from 150 yards, great shot right through the sweet spot. Camera issues prevent pictures of the trophies, but we saw a bunch of moose and one of my hunt mates got some pretty good shots that I figured I share.

    First morning of the hunt we let these two pass, the first one is certainly not 50/4. The second and bigger one is definitely a tweener. We hemmed and hawed quite a bit about him. I figured low 50's at the most and wiser minds let him grow bigger.

    Real interesting bull here, got some good looks at him through the spotting scope and it looks like half of his paddle was broken off.

    This guy deserved a closer look , but was in an area that only the foolish would have hunted

    Likewise, this guy was in an unreachable spot, but he is sporting some serious mass

    Nice griz looking for berries, I wasn't on this hike, otherwise I would have gone after him

    Real pretty sow griz with a couple young cubs

    A lone caribou way up in the steep stuff

    Good to see some game birds, been missing them for past 5 years, we took 4 for fresh dinner

    And finally, an interesting guest as we broke down camp

    Probably saw at least 30 different moose of 12 days. This was around my 20th hunt in this area, and it never gets old. I agree 100% with Jim Shockey ~ of all the animals in the world, nothing compares to hunting Alaska/Yukon Moose. It is not just the hunt, its spending time in the area they call home. Time for a week of work, then hopefully help my oldest boy fill his Seward Mt. Goat tag.
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    Nice pics - sounds like a great time... I am down to 12 days before I head out to Newfoundland for moose/bear hunt!
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    Looks like some great country. The first bear photo looks like it may be a color phase black bear, no hump and the tan color on the muzzle. Nice bear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ak beardog View Post
    Looks like some great country. The first bear photo looks like it may be a color phase black bear, no hump and the tan color on the muzzle. Nice bear.
    Second photo too. That's a belly draggin black bear.

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    I think that first moose was also hanging out in my hunting area! No amount of wishing was gonna make him a 50" bull.

    Thanks so much for the pictorial report. I share your opinion about being in moose country. Something about it is so revitalizing. Good luck with the goat!

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    I had the best time hunting in years. Went with 4 friends I used to work with and totally enjoyed everyday. I'm going to do this every year I can while the ability is still there. I couldn't ask for better friends and trouble makers.
    Moose/caribou camp was a hoot


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