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Thread: POW SE AK Halibut and Silver action this week.

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    Default POW SE AK Halibut and Silver action this week.

    In a word -HOT!...still. Nice Kings (some 30's and 40's) were being caught in limits right up August 31 for the last lodge booking.
    3 of my coworkers went up this week and I go up next week. Most of our fishing is for the fall Silver run as the fish return to freshwater and they managed one boat trip yesterday.

    Can't hardly sleep with only 72 hours to go not counting today. I will be land, boat and kayak based all week chasing Silvers, rockfish and halibut. I may get lucky and harvest a Lingcod or two but I'm not holding my breath. The Annual harvest for Lings (non-res) is two fish one in the 30-45" and one over 55" and only one Yelloweye for the year.

    My coworkers had not been up the last two years with me and were asking me - down here - where they could get halibut. I said go next door - he's the guy who went 35 miles out and scored Albacore Tuna recently, maybe he'll take you out.

    They went out with the lodge owner and scored a few nice eating size. Big fish was 70# next to our IT guy. Those along with the Silvers should fill them a couple fish boxes each.

    Looks like another good year for SE AK.
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    Wow that is a load of silvers, That should keep the freezer full for a while. You might need some sleeping meds so that you get some rest before you go, there are going to be silvers jumping in your sleep and halibut tugging on your line.

    Good luck


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