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    Any one have updates on if the silvers have moved any closer then Caines Head in Resurrection Bay. Was down there a few weeks ago and it was not that great unless you went out towards Caines Head.

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    I fished Lowell or Sunday. The weather was amazing. Too good really. I was a buffet table for the noseeums and small flies even a couple hundred yards off shore. Water was glass calm and in four hours I did not see a single jumper.

    Tons of bait I. The water. Porpoises, sea lions, zombie pinks, a dozen cohos that were at best 12 inches long. But no cohos at Lowell pt.

    Having said that, as I passed through the grocery store on the way out of town, I did see several folks buying handfuls of the snagging hooks. Maybe I should have tried closer to town.
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    Heading down Tuesday, taking boat out Wednesday. Wandering if silvers and halibut are still in the bay.

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    So, whats up wit them silvers? Have they come into the bay yet? Are they ready fur snaggin yet?
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