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From an ADFG News Release:

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fish announced today that the bag and possession limit for king salmon in two Ketchikan terminal sport fishery areas from June 15 through July 31, 2007 is 6 king salmon of any size. King salmon caught in the terminal harvest area by nonresidents DO NOT COUNT toward the nonresident annual limit. The Ketchikan terminal sport fishery areas are as follows (see area map):

In the waters of Nichols Passage north of the latitude of Driest Point; in Revillagigedo Channel north of the latitude of Harbor Point; in Tongass Narrows south of the latitude of Lewis Reef light, and Neets Bay east of the longitude of the easternmost tip of Bug Island.

The Alaska Board of Fisheries authorized the department to use its emergency order authority to open the terminal harvest areas to target Alaska hatchery king salmon. The areas opened by this emergency order will allow anglers to target on Alaska hatchery produced king salmon originating from four hatcheries (primarily Neets Bay, Deer Mountain, Whitman Lake, and Tamgas) in the Ketchikan area. Projected returns to these facilities will greatly exceed broodstock needs, thus a surplus of hatchery fish are available for harvest by local sport anglers.

Anglers cannot possess king salmon in excess of the harvest limits for the area where they are fishing. This includes any king salmon less than 28 inches harvested in the terminal area. Regulations prohibit the possession of king salmon less than 28 inches when fishing outside of designated terminal harvest areas. This also includes king salmon 28 inches or greater in length in excess of the bag and possession limit for the area fished.

Anyone needing information on this subject should call the Ketchikan ADF&G, Division of Sport Fish office at 225-2859.

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