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Thread: Ak Fishing News: Karluk Kings Close

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    Arrow Ak Fishing News: Karluk Kings Close

    This news clip is from Alaska Fishing News. Discussion is welcome. This news feed is robot generated.

    From an ADFG News Release:

    The Karluk River king salmon fishery closed Sunday, June 24 for the remainder of the year, due to low escapement. In addition, no bait will be allowed in the Karluk downstream of the Karluk Lake outlet from June 24, 2007 through July 31, 2007, in order to reduce mortality of accidentally-caught king salmon.

    As of June 19, the king salmon escapement in the Karluk River was 841 fish, which is the lowest on record for this time of year. Using recent time of entry data, ADF&G is projecting that the spawning escapement goal of 3,600 7,300 king salmon will not be achieved.

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    Default Strange......

    Last year it was the Ayakulik River that was a complete bust for Chinook salmon. This year it's the Karluk. What's going on? Given the relativily prestine conditions on Kodiak Island, the loss of several year classes of Chinook salmon is not normal. This has to be a source of concern for the folks at ADF&G.

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    Unhappy Ayakulik & Karluk River's - Closed

    The Ayakulik River closes to today 06/27/07 by emergency order due to the lower than normal runs of King & Sockeye salmon. Both rivers have had poor returns of Kings in the last couple of years. Not sure if the ocean conditions have had an impact on the surviveability? Back in the 70's there were a few years of poor returns. Perhaps the cycle is repeating?

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    Sorry to hear this. I am flying up this evening to fish and hang with my brother who lives near Larsen bay. I was hoping to hike from the end of the bay to the river to try for some Kings. All is not lost though....still have halibut and such to go for and possibly cast some of the smaller streams that empty into the bay.


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