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Thread: LOST: Leica 1000 Rangefinder on Birch Creek

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    Default LOST: Leica 1000 Rangefinder on Birch Creek

    It's a longshot I know, but just in case anyone has found it, is heading down that way, or wants to go on a scavenger hunt.....


    What : Leica CRF 1000-r Rangefinder in a black case.
    When: Sept. 2, 2015 @ 9:45am.

    South side gravel bar. 6 bends before Harrison Creek, just before cliff band. It is either on the gravel beach towards the upstream end, ~100 yards downstream from where the cutbank ends OR it is on the upper, flatter aspect of the gravel bar, where we set up our tents overlooking the old oxbow/pond behind our camp.

    Map: Circle B-2, 1:63,360, USGS Topo (Map #3 of the float)
    Section/Township/Range: R14E,T6N, NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of Section 22
    UTM: E 600747, N 7247782
    Lat/Long (DDM): 65d 20.249 N, 144d 50.150 W

    There may be a black sil-nylon Northface stuff sac located with or near the rangefinder containing some of our dirty clothes that we left behind as well. We are very LNT and usually don't leave things like these behind, so extra bonus points if you find that (and pack it out too). There is a $200 dollar reward for finding and returning both to me. I'm in Anchorage. Let me know if you need any more details about where to find them. Good luck!! and Thanks!!

    (oh and the float hunt was great!! Thanks to all on this forum for all the info over the years on float hunting and birch creek. We didn't harvest a moose as we would have liked, and didn't try for or get lucky with caribou as other parties did. Birch Creek was very crowded this year and although still had a resemblance of wildness, I felt slightly claustrophobic.)

    Derek - 513-550-2420

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    we floated the Birch after you (3rd -15th) , but camped several miles on each side of your GPS coordinates. we didn't see it as we floated by, I would have thought it would have stuck out since it was on the gravel bar.
    I agree that is was a little crowded, but expected since its road accessible.

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    Thanks for keeping an eye out. If I had to guess it's on the upper aspect, away from the river, overlooking the oxbow pond behind where our tents were. Hopefully it'll still be there next June......


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