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Thread: Help a youngster out... Need a replacement sheep cape

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    Default Help a youngster out... Need a replacement sheep cape

    A customer brought in a sheep that his young son shot on his very first sheep hunt - a very nice mature ram. A wolverine got ahold of the face on the ram and well... there is a considerable amount of damage...including missing the skin around the eye and lower half of the ear..

    I told them I would try to repair it but either need a good parts cape with med long hair or a new cape entirely as the damage is quite extensive The ram and the kiddo deserve a quality mount.
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    Did they get the wolverine? Maybe you could do a partial sheep with a wolverine chewing on it!!. Gonna be wolverine pelts for sale before long if they didn't get it.
    I imagine a sheep cape won't be cheap.
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    I got a dry tanned cape from last year, has a hole in the brisket area the tannery shaved and tried sewing in a new piece. If it will work, you can have it for a few hundred bucks.

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