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Thread: Koyukuk 2015

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    Default Koyukuk 2015

    I waited to see if anyone else would be starting the 2015 Koyukuk thread but I guess since the draw limit has been reduced to 20 per season, not as many folks make the trip. We are doing one last water test today on the mighty 24’ Sea Ark. With all new fuel filters, cleaned fuel injectors, and new Racor, I think we are set. (Take note of the details on fuel, we have learned the difficult way, how important it is to have new fuel parts end-to-end for this trip.)

    We are T minus 6 days before we head out for our third Koyukuk trip since our first 2011 trip. This year, it’ll be another 4-some on the trip. My son is finally able to make it along with veterans Chris and Cale. As always, I am sure we have too much stuff but we seem to figure things out. The goal is to make it to the bridge Friday 9/11, load the boat and start our journey.

    I know many are already in the field, and for those that are in the final stages of planning, may we all have a safe and memorable 2015 season. With hopes we’ll have some good stories to share.

    Safe travels & hunting!

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    Good luck and take lots of photos
    Is it opening day of duck season yet
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    Sounds like a good trip.

    Fuel filters and injectors. Sounds familiar. What motor are you running ?

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