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Thread: How warm is too warm for meat

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    Default How warm is too warm for meat

    I killed a moose a few days ago. I shot him first thing, first day. I had him quartered and hanging on the meat pole by noon. By that night the deep tissue internal temp was 64 degrees. By the next morning it was at 43. I have it home now and am hanging it and would like to hang it for 4 or 5 more days to allow for aging. My question is, if the meat temp comes up a little during the day, how warm is too warm internal. At what point do I just need to get it down and process. It has a nice skin on the outside and as of yet it hasn't gotten over 50 degrees. Your help would be appreciated.

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    Butcher it, pack it, eat it. I don't check temp, I just work non stop from the time I shoot until it's in the freezer.
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    There's much to be said for properly aged meat and many people don't realize it.

    As long as you're able to keep it between 30-45 degrees, the cooler the better of course, I'd let it hang upwards of 3 weeks.

    4-5 days isn't nearly long enough, Imo.
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