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Thread: Opening Day Tides

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    Default Opening Day Tides

    This is mostly for waterfowlers new to Anchorage/MatSu duck hunting.

    The current tide cycles are some of the highest of the year. If you are hunting a new-to-you area that is influenced by the tidal flow use caution. The tide will be coming back in as many of us are walking out. If you are unprepared, it is possible you will be trapped, swimming, or worse. The cycle at the end of the month will be the same or higher.

    The good news is that most, or all of the ponds that receive inlet water are now full. I drove south along the Seward highway today near peak high tide. The combination of tide and north wind was driving spray from crashing inlet waves onto the highway, the marsh directly in front of the Girdwood gas station was about 75% water, and the AWCC's from pasture was also flooded.

    All of the ponds near where I hunt were completely full of fresh inlet water.

    Good luck to all tomorrow and please be safe. If you get a chance to educate any knucklehead duck shooters re. legal shoot time, giving up quickly on lost birds (get a decent dog), etiquette, etc...please do so kindly so that maybe they will take away a lesson or two.

    Heavy straps!

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    Very sound advice

    Thanks and good luck everyone.

    see ya on the marsh...
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