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Thread: Welded vs. Riveted Hull

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    I am looking for a boat to take out to our remote property by snowmachine, and also for using on the Kenai, Little Su, Yetna River etc. My budget is about $2500. I have heard some good things about Lunds. I've found a couple boats that are about the right price, but I noticed that they have a riveted hull. I have heard that you can't buy a better boat for the money than a Lund, but I believe most of the Lunds in that price range have riveted hulls rather than the welded hulls. Any opinions on Lunds, welded vs. riveted hull construction, or any other types of boats I should be looking for in that price range? Thanks.

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    There have been a couple nice duroboats on craigslist recently in that price range. Aluminum lapstrake hulls with neither welds or rivets. Max out at 16'. Google it if not familiar with the brand. May fit your needs.

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    Some folks say riveted hulls leak around the rivets. We've had a 16 foot Lowe with a riveted hill for 16 years and it is still tight. It has not had an easy life either. Welded hulls definitely weigh more.

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    Well as previous poster noted rivets can eventually come loose and leak, every riveted boat I've owned has leaked some. There are various ways to un-leak them, most of the time the leak is so slow it doesn't matter.

    My current boat is a riveted Hewescraft river runner from 1972 or 1973, 16', super light, run's 32mph on the kenai with a 50hp motor. It leaks some. I turn the bilge pump on every hour or so and it spits out a little water. Figure that's not bad for a 42 year old boat that I've done NOTHING to since I've owned it and appears no one else has either.

    I wouldn't hesitate to buy a Lund, or any riveted boat for that matter, for what your after and your price range. You aren't going to touch a decent welded hull for less that about $6,000 regardless of age or condition I suspect and its going to be way heavier.

    Smoker Craft Lodge series are very similar to Lunds as are Crestliners skiffs, don't recall the model name. I'd own any of those.

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