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Thread: Range Report Summer Solstice 600 YD

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    Talking Range Report Summer Solstice 600 YD

    We had 20 shooters show up at Pendneau Range Fort Richardson to shoot 600 yards on a beautiful longest day of the year! Ideal conditions, with the sun behind us and light winds.

    Rifles ranged from a 40-65 Sharps and BP to an "F" Class set up in 6.5 Rogue; with a smattering of service rifles, NRA Match Rifles and some any, rifle, any sights. Most fired prone from the sling, although some fired from a rested prone position. We had about 7 new shooters, everyone got on paper witht he help of the line coaches.

    A Great time was had by all.

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    would you and your shooters be interested in a 1000m range with a combination of unkown distance on steel, indoor/outdoor pistol, trap/skeet, tactical shoothouse and archery range?


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