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Thread: The WACH Report- The Gear Report

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    Hi guys:

    This post is for the new guys and is meaningless for you old-timers.

    I am in the process of shipping out all of my float gear and drop hunts for this season. We book about 12-15 groups per year and have lots of experience getting gear up north.

    Ok...Fuel Be sure you are set with your fuel needs. Kotz has 3 stores including a good sized hardware and a very well equipped grocery store. You can buy White Gas and Propane but finding jet boil fuel or other speciality gas canisters is next to impossible. Be prepared to spend 15-20$ a can/pound on propane and $20-25 for white gas. Hazmat makes that a reality. I use to provide fuel for all my drop camps but the Haz-Mat fees just became too costly. If you ship your Haz-Mat items up be sure to allow an extra week. I use NAC.

    Game Bags- KIC Hardware and AC grocery and not always available so plan to bring your own.

    Meat Boxes_-Good luck! Alaska Airlines has them sometimes but this year they started sending hunters to me. I have waxed boxes and can ship them up to your flight service and they hold 50 pounds of meat nicely. If you want me to get you boxes allow 7 days advanced notice so call me sooooon.

    Rack Boxes: Good luck! Alaska Airlines use to sell them and it is hit and miss and agains they have started sending clients to me. If you need rack boxes give me a call.

    Weather: Be prepared for wet weather and do not cheat on your footwear! Dry bags are a must! Tent-Don't take a cheap tent because the winds will make you pay! We use Cabela's Guide tents and we have started to rent Cabela's Wart Hog tents and they are worth the extra. Expect that you will see 2-3 days of foul weather and prepare for it. Take a tarp, take 50-100 feet of Para-cord. The stuff will save you butt. Duck Tape, take a roll.

    Ok guys....It is about time so I hope you have done your homework. Good planning is the difference between a good, safe hunt and a mess.

    We have been doing this for 13 years and know the ins and outs. I still have a few Cabela's Drop Camps if you need quality gear, Rafts and SOAR Canoes are all booked.

    Give me a call if you need anything or have a question.

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