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Thread: 180 Friendly Airstrip w/i Charley-Yukon

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    Default 180 Friendly Airstrip w/i Charley-Yukon

    Weather is putting a damper on plans to fly into the northern Brooks, looking for a contingency into 40-mile country, but knowledge base is limited on 180 friendly airstrips. Looks mostly like Cub country. Coal Creek worth a darn?

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    I haven't floated the river before, but I seem to remember that 1 or more of these strips is no longer usable.

    Gelvin's Bar I think was washed out a few years ago and even though there was talk of someone doing something to improve it the park service said no dice. I'm not a pilot, but if this one is still there, a 180 could probably do it.

    Then there is another strip near there called Joseph that may have also been washed out. Again, I think a 180 could get into this one.

    There is also a 3rd strip called 3 fingers. No idea if this is there any more or what it's capable of handling.

    All three are around copper creek on the Charley River. Would be a good way to hunt caribou if you can get flown in there. 40 Mile air would be a great transporter and I'm sure they know the status of those strips.

    Good luck.


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