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Thread: Maud road shooting range

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    Default Maud road shooting range

    Went to the Maud road shooting range today for the "confidence shot", pre-hunting season check/site in.
    WOW , VERY VERY nice place !!!!
    Paved parking lot.
    Great 100 yard range with covered shooting benches.

    Take some targets & target stand. Need to be free standing ,
    gravel pile is said to be 109 yards. (one guy had a range finder)

    Used a 1x2 & plywood & stuck it in the gravel ,
    When I got home I made a stand from some scrap 2x4s to hold the 1x2, for next time
    See attached:

    Every one was courteous,

    A great addition to the valley. Well needed !!

    Rifle shot ok . a little tweak to the right & good to go

    Good job

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    Good to hear. I needa check it out. SOTN
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