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Thread: lucky duck HD thoughts?

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    Default lucky duck HD thoughts?

    Anyone ever used one of these before? A bit diffrent than the regular flappers. After 6yrs i am in the market for a new one and it seems there is a lot more choices than when I bought that one.

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    Anything that provides motion with the early birds will increase your odds. Regardless if its a jerk cord, your boot making waves, bungee cords on decoys, spinning or flapping decoys. Up here the only thing that really flares from them are some geese. For the most part since our birds don't see many and have no pressure, they pretty much lock up on them.

    That later October or November they might develop a tendency to avoid them if they have been educated.

    I like em...bought a few for this year, looking forward to using them.
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    My main concern was that since the wings are rather darker than the older version if it would still pull birds from the distance that the old one did?
    I use a jerk string also. Birds here in Juneau get educated real quick so I tend to change my set up every few weeks.

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    I do not know about the new model that you are referring to. But I have a previous model of Lucky Duck and I like it much better than the Mojo's that I have. It is build better in my opinion and has a variable flap speed. That model was also fully flocked, but it does not appear that this one is. I do not like the new battery design on these. While it may be functionally better, I do not like the idea of a purpose specific battery. With the old batteries, when one shot craps you could just walk into walmart and by another generic 6v battery. With these I have a feeling it will be like batteries for cordless tools. i.e. when the battery goes out you may as well buy a whole new decoy as the battery will cost almost as much as the decoy, in addition to being hard to find in the first place, same story when you go to buy a spare. As far as the darker wings I do not think that will cause a problem, as the bottom should still be white so as it turns it should still create the "flashing." If you were worried about it you could just paint over the wings, as I do not believe the birds can see the wing detail while the think is spinning so rapidly anyway.

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    The more realistic wings won't make a difference when they are spinning my mojo wings seemed way to bright to me so I lightly sprayed brown on the underwing to tone down the flash and I feel like it helped a lot. To interesting because early in the year the mojo don't seem to work as well as it does later in the year when migrators come down and don't know the safe spots yet. I also like when my battery is about half dead and slows down the wind speed just a little bit. We're going to try running 3 on opener but I think the birds don't know what's going on and most of our shots are ducks rippin through the decoys confused.

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