My wife and I will be visiting Alaska just for a day and a half. We are flying into Anchorage at mdinight, then we have a day and a half before we need to be in Seward for our cruise. I am trying to figure out what to do during that first day, a thursday in August. We are both hikers, and I am a guy who likes whitewater canoeing, camping, and nature watching in general. I have kind of decided that canoeing for a day would be a nice way to spend some time out in nature without too much hiking, since we will be spending a week in Rokcy Moutain National Park with the inlaws about 3 weeks before.

My wife also does not like ot be cold and wet, at least not at the same time. She will be a good sport about it, but because of that, sea kyaking is probably out. Flatwater canoing on a lake should be fine. I would like to see moose, eagles, bears and beavers a plus too. I know that there are no guarantees on that.

I have been reading about the Nancy Lake canoe area and it sounds like it could work out well. Close to Anchorage, but off the standard tourist track.

What do yall think ? I can bring my GPS in a dry box, but I cannot afford to get totally lost either, as missing the boat the next day would be a disaster. Kenai sounds terriffic, but I would worry about losing a few hours on each end, jsut driving, although the drive sounds beatuiful as well. The thing is, we would repeat the views the next day in a bus, and htat might be a shame.

Is Nancy Lake the quintesential Alaska ? Or would there be much better ways to spend that day ?? Also, are the mosquitos super bad out on the water ? We are from Houston TX, but Alaska mosquitoes are supposed to be as big as chickens, right ?