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Thread: Meat lockers in Anchorage

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    Default Meat lockers in Anchorage

    Given that moose season is upon us and the season is fairly warm out still, I was wondering if there are any meat lockers in town to hang game without having to pay for full-blown processing? We usually process our own animals at the house, but keeping them cool might be an issue this year. My wife said growing up in Colorado, her dad always took them to meat lockers, then would go pick up a quarter or two to process at home, then go back for the rest when that was done. Not sure if anything like that exists around here or not.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have never heard of anyone offering that service in ANC. Glenn's walk in cooler is just for his processing customers and once he fills it up he stops taking in moose. He will still take in a caribou for grinding as he does not age the meat. I know in NV the local butcher that offered game and beef cow processing did not offer game meat storage.

    On the meat care forum someone was wondering about creating their own cooler and offering it up for use for a fee.

    I am kind of surprised that someone with the space to park it has not set up a refer trailer van and offered this service. Seems like a trucking firm may have at least one idle trailer that could be used for that. Controlling its access and making sure people don't put their garbage meat in there with someone's well cared for meat would be a full time job.

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    Well its kinda a mute point now right? Cold and windy today into the fifities in the valley and snow on the kenais. Getting into the thirties at night....
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