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Thread: heading up to the Ivishak this weekend !!

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    Default heading up to the Ivishak this weekend !!

    Finally getting a chance to get the Panther out for a few days.

    Hopeing to get some meat up the Ivishak this weekend.

    Anyone else heading up this weekend ??

    Will be in a Red 18' Panther. Stop & say howdy.

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    Plenty of water to run Ivashak. Raining pretty good up here on the slope right now. Has been for a couple days.
    Got a buddy hunting up there now. 2 cows in 4 days. That's it.
    Talked to 11 different guys who've been hunting the last week or so from Ice Cut, Toolik, and up. Pretty slim pickings... In total, they've all taken a total of 6 or 7. Mostly cows..
    Had another buddy do a courtesy fly over the Ivashak 2 days ago while headed out for sheep. He said most 'bou are up in the ice fields of the Echooka.
    But they're caribou, the wx is changing, and they move.


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