Hello Alaska Anglers

I want to share with you the project that I began this year. For long time I wanted to do my own minnow lure and catch fish with it.
I build the Attila Fat Minnow “S” …. “S” because it has sinking action… This Attila, is a lure made from Balsa wood and I designed it with the purpose for surf fishing with a spinning rod from saltwater and freshwaters shores...also onboarding...

A couple of months ago I posted a Youtube video in my channel. The video was the first part of the introduction of the Attila Fat Minnow.

In Part 1, I do a quick summary of main steps that I followed to build a 100% homemade Balsa wooded Plug.… Here is the list of materials I used:

- 4mm x 20mm x 120mm Balsa wood
- 1mm diameter x 210mm Stainless Steel wire
- 2.5mm x 30mm Diameter Lead wire
- Epoxy Resine
- Super Glue
- Wood Cement
- ¼” Balls bearing (stainless)
- 5mm Strong Magnet
- 60mm Strip Aluminium (made from soda cans)
- 2mm Transparent Polycarbonate for lips

I hope you like this video, and thank you for watching. Please give me your comments and let me know your opinion. Whoever wants please give a LIKE after watching the video.

Next to this post, I will include a second one with Part 2 explaining how to finishing the plug....

Have a safe fishing…

Here is the Youtube link to see the prototype: