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Thread: canoe rental/lake to fish in anchorage...

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    Default canoe rental/lake to fish in anchorage...

    Hello all, my trip is drawing near and I'm just trying to sneak in a few extra plans as I can so;

    I'm looking for a good company in achcorage to rent a canoe/john boat from perferable on a lake with good fishin' and if there isn't a canoe rental on a lake, could somebody refer to a lake with fish. It will be my first day there so I don't care what kind of fish im catchin' as long as im catchin em =) We will have a jeep so transporting it wouldn't be much trouble.

    I guess if theres a nice float down a river near by that would be excellent too.

    Thanks guys! you've all been an awesome help


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    You have a pm.


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