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Thread: 1985 50hp Johnson Overheating

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    Default 1985 50hp Johnson Overheating

    Alright all you motor techs.LOL, My brother bought this boat ( 16' with the 50 ) and it was a wreck when he brought it to me to spiffy it up a bit.

    So I threw some paint at it and took it to the lake to try out the motor.

    Started right up and ran great for about 5 minutes, spray out the piss hole great and then the alarm goes off.

    Shut down and pull it out, take it home and have him bring down a thremostat (let him install that, lol) took it back out there and the dang thing would'nt even hardly fire, never would even try to start except it would spark every now and then.

    He turned it over quit a bit and the engine got hot just doing that.

    Need some answers,

    The coils have 2 differant numbers, is it possible to get them switched around?

    Is this a water jacket issue?

    Head Gasket? (buying a compression tester tomorrow.)

    I read on some other site that the impeller could come apart and cloug up the water jacket.

    Any help would be helpful. Thanks.

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    I would look at the cooling impellor. i had to replace mine on my 90 and my 70. they are not expensive and they are what pumps the water through the motor. My motors peed just fine but were overheating. a new impelolor fixed them both


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