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Thread: Strange Day on the Water Yesterday

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    Default Strange Day on the Water Yesterday

    So out halibut fishing out of Seward yesterday when thunder and lightening broke in the distance, only the second time I've seen it out on the water in 40 years boating up here. Then the CG comes on the radio and says boaters should seek a safe harbor immediately due to thunder storms in the area and unsettled weather. Well, we kept fishing, got our halibut and rockfish, a couple silvers and when we finally headed in about 4 pm, the north wind was blowing pretty good making me wish for the first time I had a suspension seat to save the collapsed disc in my neck from more pain. Anyway, saw a number of open skiffs and flat bottom boats out past Caines Head and heard on the radio someone was taking on water and had a couple of inches of water in the bottom of the boat. Another boater was helping them make it into the lee of Caines Head but apparently they were without a radio (must have called the CG on cell). I hope everyone made it in OK since the wind is still blowing pretty good. I'm staying in the harbor until this blow passes.

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    That does sound like a weird day. Wasn't there, but have to say every time we are on the ramp in Whittier there are boats that would scare me on a lake - and usually the occupants are pfd-free. Go figure.


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