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Thread: Anyone willing to teach?

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    Default Anyone willing to teach?

    I am in my early 50's, great health, and I have hunted all my life but have never been hunting for waterfowl. I have hunted upland birds with my reliable 870 and I consider myself a fairly good wing shot. I am just looking for someone willing to show me what to do. I would be open to anything, pay my fair share, and willing to travel some. Anyone willing to show an old dog the way it's done?
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    The issue here in Alaska is in order to help someone and educate them; it takes away from them learning through trial and error themselves. That being said...Taking this into account and the idea that someone has to take you to their hunting area, or a local spot alleviates most motivation to do so. Of course, allot can be taught around a campfire....but with this sport, you learn so much by hands on and going on hunting trips or participating in them.
    What I have done in the past is take them hunting with out a gun. This allows them to focus strictly on all aspects of this sport, decoys and placement, dog work, blinds, wind, calling techniques etc.. and other factors that are so important with waterfowling. It also helps filters those who are not serious about learning and just want to bang some birds..
    Regardless of your age, its a great sport to learn and get involved with. We are slowly building a program here at AWA that I hope to see come to life very soon. This program will be geard around the introduction to the sport and all aspects involving it.
    I am sure we can work something out....This is part of AWA and what we enjoy doing. Waterfowling is an awesome sport that many of us are extremely passionate about and addicted to across Alaska.
    Send me an email and we can talk more about your interest and the opportunity to learn more.
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