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Thread: Air Charter Regs Question

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    Default Air Charter Regs Question

    So question for you Alaskans. Can an air charter company refuse to fly an Alaskan resident hunter into a lake simply because the outfitter who has a camp on the lake tells them not to? This is assuming the air charter company flies the outfitters clients to the lake. I realize your US regs will be different than Transport Canada. Local residents here have been running into this issue here for a couple of years now, and it seems to be getting worse.
    I am awaiting Transport Canada's response on this.
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    I don't know about the laws, but in practice that happens here with regularity. There are areas where it is difficult if not impossible to find any transporter willing to take you in. It makes financial sense, of course - for some transporters, the majority of their business comes from specific guiding outfits. It's unfortunate for the resident hunter, of course, but yes - it happens.

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    Good Question! I do not operate a Air Taxi but. I believe in the country of Alaska and the country of USA air taxis can not be forced to fly anywhere or anyone they do not want to fly. If I had a outfitter that supplied me with weekly clients I would not be inclined to bring someone else to the lake unless outfitter said it was not a problem. Alaska hunting regs allow camps to be set up rather close to each other so any other air taxi could land on the lake and drop off clients. There are a lot of ways to skin the cat. Best would be talk to the outfitter and if it is a large lake agree to hunt in an area the outfitter is not hunting. We do this in a area we hunt with 4 wheelers no outfitters but as people pick camps they also say what area they will hunt. Everyone hunts there area and is happy when anyone gets a moose. Another thing to do is find another Air Taxi company. Yukon is big country find another or nearby lake to go to. We have had issues with guides trying to stake large areas for there use only. Game laws now make it difficult for anyone to interfere with your hunting/fishing/flying trip on public lands


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