Common sense and knowledgeable hunters say to plan 12-18 months for your Alaska adventures.

In late August (27th) 2013 I met my new friend who was seeking a partner to join him on his moose hunt out of Fairbanks. His partner had bailed for good reason and he was not going to back out of the trip even if it meant going it alone.

Good fortune brought us together on the Forum and after feeling each other out for a day we committed to go together and we had extraordinary time on a DIY flight out of Fairbanks into the middle Yukon for moose. He had done all the planning, had most of the equipment, he just needed someone to share expenses. Two weeks from the 27th of August we met in Fairbanks and we spent 10 incredible days in the bush. I will never forget it.

Although we did not kill a moose we still had a tremendous experience.

I am 64 years old, very active individual, live in NJ where it is legal to kill a unlimited amount of deer. I normally hunt with the bow and harvest about 10 deer per year.

in 2010 I went to Yakatuk on a guided grizzly hunt. I made those plans within 3-4 weeks of the hunt, also incredible and successful hunt. Also saw a lot of moose. We hunted in Icy Bay zone 5or 6.

At this late notice I would like to come to beautiful Alaska once again, approximately Sept 5 onwards. am flexible on location and would like to hunt moose. My buddy Buck man Junior also from NJ may join me.

Anyone who has some interest, has good experience as a DIYer is invited to join me. We will have a great experience. we can rent all equipment we do not own. I would like to fly in somewhere or at the least hunt in remote low traffic area. I know Alaska offers for rent hunting cabins but I am not sure if these are quality areas.

I spoke toDave Phillips Land and Resources Mgr of Chugach Alaska Corp, who was responsible for lease that we hunted in Icy Bay 2010. Although his land is not available this year he pointed me to some excellent areas for moose outside his boundary line in Zone 5 and 6.

Planning is important, but attitude and desire and determination always will win out.

Life is short, most people think Alaska is a dream that cannot come true....Not only can it be done on short notice but it can be done frugally without compromise.

Let's get cracking.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,


Buckman of New Jersey