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Thread: PABV runway choices / fine line, what do you think

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    Default PABV runway choices / fine line, what do you think

    I was taxing for takeoff today in my big engine old light, C-180 to do touch & go's trying to get sharp for hunting season (buddy got a Bison permit at Farwell, he has a super cub and I have the truck) and I observed a bunch of chatter on the unicom, yes with accusations :~) .... 123.00 ..... We had two rag wings landing on both 02R and 20L ... The wind sock was almost a direct crosswind very slightly favoring 02L I would guess wind speed at about 10 kts. barely lifting the sock. Who was right, the guy landing on 02R or 20L ... I think that the X-wind was neglable .... so I would land left hand 20L .... according to the AK Supplement, what do you think?

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    Trick question!!!!
    Unless they have changed the supplement there is no fixed wing traffic for left hand pattern 20L or 20R, or right hand pattern for 02L or 02L. Fixed wing stays on water and ultralight traffic gets hillside. The pattern changes in afternoon due to difficulty landing into the sun. In the morning pattern is usually determined by which end of the runway you hanger is at. Bottom line for fixed wing is first one in the pattern sets (ground or air) it. If you don't like it circle and wait or follow aircraft in pattern. I have changed by landing/takeoff plans many times depending on what everyone else is doing. Not a big deal to go with the flow. Every now and than there will be a problem child that can't play well with others/or they where trained to turn downwind at Knick bridge!! Try to educate and if it fails just follow them in and drink beer. Commercial pilots not up on the supplement always seem to drop in left pattern on 20.
    On a side note the helicopter pilots train a lot at Birchwood and have been the best crew to work with. They are always willing to sidestep or make way for incoming fixed wing. It makes Birchwood a great place to fly out of.
    If we all complain to the FAA they will be happy to put in a tower to hold the hands of the pilots that cannot figure out how to follow another plane to the runway.


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