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    Any words of wisdom from anyone familiar with the area, or who has drawn this tag in the past? I will be doing a solo hunt, and have the whole month of September off. I will head up a couple of days early, and be ready the 1st. My plan is to park my camper off the road, spike in a mile or two, hunt for a few days, look around and call, and if nothing, head back to the camper and reposition to another spot.

    I have caribou hunted the Haul Rd a number of times, but on the other side of the pass. I talked to a game guy in Fairbanks, and he said there aren't a lot of moose, but they are there. And hunting off the road will increase your chances, as with caribou. I have read previous posts on DM920 that say not to neglect the higher ground. Thank you for your time.

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    I had this permit several years back, could only spend 5 days hunting and did see a few moose but wasn't able to connect. Wish you the best, sounds like you have lots of time.

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    I hunted that tag several years ago myself, took a real nice bull out of there, that I get to look at every day on my wall. Like you stated, gotta get off the road, I killed my bull a little over a mile from the truck and it took me 2 1/2 days to get all of him out. It was mid month and was getting down in the 30's and they were moving, I saw more than a few bulls in there, chased one even bigger that was dragging a few cows with him. Saw a few bears (griz and a lot of Black) while glassing, so be wary... Look for cows around mid- month when it cools down the bulls will be close by. Wish I had that tag, but I'll be chasing bulls just south of you in DM922 area. .... Good luck .

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    I'll be up hunting DM922 the last part of September never been up in the area but I am looking forward to putting the stalk on if I get the chance. Only plan is for moose no going further north for caribou.


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