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    My wife and I are taking a big driving trip this fall, so for the first time in about 50 years I won't be trying to put a moose or caribou in the freezer. We now have 40 years together and are celebrating by visiting some of our nations most beautiful places. I will definitely miss the smell of the camp fire and the morning hunts.

    As far as I know I have never wounded and lost a big game critter, and I thank God for that. For you guys that are new to Alaskan hunting I would like to share a few things that worked for me.

    Be safe, no big game animal is worth any ones life or risking serious injury.
    Always be safe with fire arms and insist others are or don't hunt with them.
    Spend more time glassing with your binoculars then you do walking.
    Know your rifle and be honest about your skill with it.
    Do most of your rifle shooting practice off of the bench from field positions.

    What I did that worked for me.

    I always tried to find an improvised shooting rest.
    I never took the infamous "Hail Mary" shot.
    I avoided shooting at running animals that were not wounded.
    I was patient and seldom took shots past 200 yards.
    I hunted with friends, but mostly family.

    I took time to enjoy Gods creation and long ago realized that the success of the hunt was not determined by antler or horn size or a gut pile.

    All of this allowed me to have memorable and enjoyable trips.

    Best of hunting and great memory making to all of you!

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    Taking a year hiatus from hunting to celebrate with your wife will make next years hunting all the more special.

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    Have a great trip 338! My 40th is next June and I think a long trip ( perhaps to Alaska) is in the works!
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    Even though I've never been one for campgrounds, my wife convinced me to buy a nice camp trailer recently so I would imagine she has plans for us as well. I'm hoping we can pull it to nice places where we don't have to be right next to other people.

    Have a great trip 338...!!!
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