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    I can buy them for around six bucks each locally, what are they typically selling for in Anchorage? If the price is close I would just as soon wait until I get there. Probably need twenty or twenty five of them. Which ones are your favorite? Which ones would you recommend just not buying at all ? Thanks........

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    They usually run $5-6.5 each at Fred Meyer or Sportsman's Wharehouse, they may be a little cheaper at Walmart, I haven't checked there. They sell by the case at Sams Club/Costco, but I think you can only get one flavor that way.

    I like most of the flavors. Chili Mac, Chicken Parmesan (sp?), Lasagne, Sweet-n-Sour Pork, Beef Stroganof, those are my favs. I also like the cheescakes and granola w/blueberries (for breakfast and desserts). I assume your taking MTN House to save weight or for logistical reasons, if not you can make meals when you get here and vacuum seal them. This requires more time and adds a lot of weight. This may not be new info to you, but a meal made for 2 (according to the package) really will feed one guy.


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    Thanks for the reply. No, I'm not new to Mt. House, just haven't tried all the varieties. Logistics...prevent cooking then vacuum packing...want to spend my time fishing not cooking! If I lived in Ak. that is something I would certainly do. I do some of it here in Fla. but with the weight restrictions on the planes being what they are it is not $$mart to bring it with me. I will spend part of one day in Anchorage then depart for the bush for the next month. Not all meals will be Mt. House...but all will be easy heat-n-eat stuff!

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    Have you tried a JetBoil?
    I have been able to cook for myself and my climbing partner in about 5 minutes with Mountain House food and our JetBoil.
    Just a suggestion.


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