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Thread: Lake Creek Float Trip

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    Default Lake Creek Float Trip

    Just looking for some general advice on this float. I'll be coming up from MN on July 3rd, and getting dropped off at the river on the 4th. Initially, one of the guys that was going to be on the trip happens to work for an outfitter, and we were going to use his raft and knowledge of the river. Now, he will be taking a groug up Denali, and won't make the trip. My main 2 questions are these. Are there any rapids we should worry about? I've never been whitewater rafting, but I can easily handle class 2 water in my open canoe, which I paddle most every day. The other thing is camping. Will we be limited in where we can pull up for the night? I'd hate to pass up a ton of good looking fishing water, thinking we're going to miss the plane out, and then getting there 2 days early. I'd kind of be bummed to miss the plane, too. Thanks ahead of time for any advice you have for me.

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    The first few miles of lake creek are tight and fast, but nothing too bad. The only real rapid on the river is in the canyon. It's only about 100 yards long and (In my opinion, YMMV) is only class 2+ maybe three. It is not class 4 like many guidebooks state. I have paddled this river at huge levels and low levels. At high water, this river can has some good size standing waves. I wouldn't worry about flipping a raft though. At high water, there is a lot of work to be done steering through the boulder fields. At low water, there can be a lot of jumping in and out of the raft and pushing. It sounds like you can read water, so I would think that you would have no problem paddling this river. There are enough good camping spots above the canyon. Below the canyon there are fewer good camping spots. This isn't much of a problem though because the best fishing is upstream of the canyon. Shoot me an email if you have any other questions. If you need a raft, check out Alaska Downstream. Jerry (the owner) is a great guy and can answer any questions you have.

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    Default Lake Creek Video/River Guide

    It might be too late, but this website sells a video and river guide for Lake Creek.

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    Default Duke Outdoors dvd has dvds of float trips. Lake Creek is one of them.


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