As the summer winds down, I thought i better get him outfitted properly so I can take him out for the King fishing this fall.

Ordered a Youth Large Super Nova Paddling suit, Aries Youth PFD, and seeker footwear. All made by Kokatat and all made in the U.S.A. Great company with great customer service.

Immersion suit worked great. He had so much fun in the water, I could barely get him to go fishing. The water in PWS this year is like bath water! Had to be mid 60's where we were at by Tonsina Creek. Lots of pinks. Even more juvenile black cod. No love from the silvers today but we still had a blast!

Having a full paddling suit will be critical as the temps drop. Silvers are likely on the menu until Labor Day and then its back to kings.

Thanks Kokatat for making it possible to fish year round here in Alaska. Safety is important because there are some things that are truly "More important than my own life"... and of course that would be my kids lives!!

Short video of the day.