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Thread: Newby finger release problem

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    Question Newby finger release problem

    I recently switched over from compound to 55# recurve and was wondering if those more experienced have tips for reducing my finger numbing problem. I shoot 3 finger (one over-two under) and my fourth finger is getting both sore and numb. I switched from glove to a thicker finger tab and that helps a little, but it still gets pretty sore. It seems the fourth finger is the last to leave the string and takes the most punishment from the release. Is this just a temporary thing until my finger toughens up? I would be interested in any advice you trad shooters have. Thanks, Rod S.

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    If you are talking about you're bottom finger, sounds like you might be hooking a bit to deep and in the joint. It's different for everybody, some don't have that problem, I did same as you. Try not hooking as deep and keep the string on the end pad of the finger rather than back in the joint area.

    I actually had a finger nail go dead and fall off of that finger from shooting once.

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    May also try glove with reinforced tips like the super glove. Constant practice and time will also help that problem. Good shooting and enjoy...

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    Raise your elbow to make your fingers straight up and down. It will give you even pressure on the string.


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