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Thread: GPS software - Garmin, OnX, or other?

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    Default GPS software - Garmin, OnX, or other?

    Finally replaced my Garmin etrex that was pushing 15 years old. I got a Garmin Rino 650. I have the old map source cd for my other unit, but I don't know if those are still compatible with newer units. I looked at the new Garmin software, but the onXmaps look interesting. It claims to have public/private land boundaries, which would be pretty helpful for my wife's moose tag this year. I was wondering what everyone is using these days, and pros and cons of each. Thanks in advance.
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    Try finding an upgrade to the Mapsource software. You have a license already and can upgrade for free. But, the old software should work, because they haven't changed the communications protocols for decades.


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