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    Trying to take my family out tomorrow and user AKmud told me about the My Creek trailhead to hike in to the Little Su. Anyone done it? I have a 2 year old and 3 month old and the wife Im dragging alone (Enjoy your single days, younger fisher dudes!) I was wondering what the trail looks like, is it passable with an "Off road" stroller? Or should I plan on bringing the kid-carrier backpack? Pretty muddy I assume? Will I need my Xtra Tuffs or can I get away with hiking boots or shoes? Thanks for any help in getting me back out fishing! This has been a trying summer on my sanity and not being able to fish much...or at all

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    Well Little Sue won't be my first pick to bring young kids because alot of people, bears, and not all that many fish. I would try like Willow Creek or Montana Creek to let the little kids get all the pinks and chums they want and possibly get a couple silvers. If are set on Little Sue the trial isn't huge and it's about a 1/2 mile long. It has alot of roots and mud also. Going down from the landing would be the best with a stroller it's a gravel path but there's stairs to get down to the river.

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    Follow-up: Well our little traveling circus made it out there on Friday. Pushed a stroller with my son in it the whole way with my daughter on my back in the kid carrier backpack, I was getting a workout! In case anyone is curious, the trail is pretty flat and real easy walking and opens up to a real nice bend in the river. We got there a little late in the afternoon and a combination of sun beating down on the water and boats blasting through the hole every 5 minutes meant the silvers were in a non biting mood. Oh well, we had fun, and now I know about a nice little spot off the beaten path.


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