Some friends have invited us to go on a week long canoe trip on Birch Creek off the Steese Hwy near Circle, AK. We'd leave 6/30, Sat evening and return Sat/Sun. Our only problem is that we need to be in Anchorage on 7/8, Sun at 2pm. 7 to 10 days is a leisurely trip for the 110 miles according to guidebooks and our friend's experience.

It sounds too hard to do without driving all night or even not making it. We'd hate to miss our monthly visitation with our son in Anchorage.

So are there some good alternatives perhaps south of Fairbanks that would be on about the same level and beauty of Birch Creek?

The Gulkana is a possibility with good fishing as well. We've only done the Upper Chena and my husband has done the Gulkana and wouldn't mind doing it again.

Any other ideas?

Thanks, Kathy