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    First, let me say what a great site tons of info. So i decided to get away from the crazy crowds on the rivers for a while. Started salt fishing last year and made my first trip from Seward. Not sure i will go back to the rivers! Anyway, I had a great time, with the silvers and rockfish, but the halibut had me searching for days with nothing to show. I tried inside the bay as well as outside. we hooked one out by cliff bay to only loose it at the boat . Can anyone help? I am not asking for specific coordinates just general area to get started.


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    Default This may help....

    I did some halibut fishing with Crackerjack Charters in late April. Here is what we did:

    The captain took us out of Ressurection Bay and around the corner towards Montague Island. We anchored off a point of land known as Cape Junkin which is near Puget Bay (about a 90 minute drive in good weather). We fished in about 250 feet of water and about a mile offshore. We dropped circle hooks baited with whole herring. The captain also dropped down a paper bag (on a line with 2lbs of weight) with cut herring. The idea was that the paper bag would hold the herring long enough to get to the bottom. Once on the bottom, it would break open and leave a scent trail. We fished for a couple hours but no halibut, just a few yelloweye rockfish. However, on the tide change, we landed two nice halibut (85 lbs and 30 lbs). The bite went dead on the slack. On the other side of the slack, we picked up another two halibut (60lbs and 65lbs) and another couple rockfish. We headed in with four halibut and four rockfish (four anglers). Not a bad day for late April. The weather was great. Very little wind and a light chop.

    However, if you decide to try this, remember that you're fishing in an unprotected area. There is no shelter from the whatever blows in from the Gulf of Alaska. However, if the weather is decent, you probably won't be alone. The area we fished is well known by the charters out of
    Seward. Good luck.

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    Cohoangler thanks for the info. Fishing the salt is out of my element. But i like it alot. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge

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    Default more from Andy

    Here's the link that contains all of Andy's posts on this forum (Andy owns Crackerjack). Scroll through them and you'll find several that specify good places to fish inside and outside of Resurrection Bay. I'm fishing with him Wednesday (winds willing, we've been blown out twice!), and will post a catch report here.
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